I just got back home from amazing weekend adventure and my life and my perspective have been changed.

I’m about to take you on a journey so you can understand what camp 33 is and why I fell completely in love with it.

The best way to describe camp 33 is love. Honestly, that’s what is it, a weekended of being loved for who you already are. Camp 33 is a FREE yes you read correctly a free spiritual retreat weekend for young adults. It’s a place where you will be loved and heard and most importantly where you will learn about the love of Jesus.




I went in not knowing anyone, but after just 2 days, I had a family that was hard to say goodbye to and that I already can't wait to see again! I was treated like a family the second I walked through the door and pretty much spent the whole weekend dying from laughter. The games were a great way to start the weekend and got everyone to bond, the adventures were beyond what I expected (no words to describe just exactly how fun it was), and the food was out of this world!! Literally ate myself into a food coma every meal ... NO REGRETS (except maybe not eating enough food).

If you like good vibes, genuine people, and unforgettable experiences, SIGN UP!! You WILL love it!!


I had the chance to meet Rob, Colleen, and the rest of the rave moms and dads at Nocturnal Wonderland, and I thought it was totally admirable how far they are willing to go in order to ensure the well-being of their fellow man.

They told me about Camp 33 and I was immediately interested. I really loved the warm welcome and the time spent with great company. The wisdom and enlightenment I have received during this weekend at Camp 33 is one that I shall cherish for all time. I would definitely come back and visit Rob and Colleen just to say hi.

Love you guys!

Laura Beth

Camp33 was a blast.

It was a huge adventure that involved such fun and genuinely loving people.

I didn't really know what to expect at first so I was a little nervous but in the end, I felt like I had experienced the classic family camping trip that you see in the movies - the good kind, ya know!

OH! and the food and Jeep rides were BOMB!

These moms and dads really know how to rock PLUR.

Though one word of warning. . . BEWARE THE DAD JOKES! haha

The knowledge of God is the greatest thing we can attain in this life. I cant think of a better place to find it than a weekend in God's creation.


Camp 33 was really awesome. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up, but I was blown away. The leaders really lived out what they were talking about and it is very crazy to see people who actually care this much about you! I am so glad I came. This was so worth it.


I love the food, I love the food, I love the food...


I flew all the way from Florida for this trip and I would do it all over again for this experience.
The BEST weekend ever!

My first trip to In-N-Out too!


Thank you so much for an amazing weekend! It really was so much fun! I feel blessed to have been a part of the Camp 33 team for the weekend. Thanks again for everything.


Camp 33 was overwhelmingly positive for mind, body, and spirit. I will not soon forget this time.


What's the catch, right? Luckily for me there wasn't one! Camp 33 provided me the opportunity to come, without fear of judgement, and have the chance to experience an amazing weekend full of love, support, and fun! Through adventures like boat rides and cave explorations, Camp 33 creates a warm, engaging atmosphere.

Although I am one of many, Rob & Colleen have changed my life in wonderful ways. It is easy to be skeptical, but it quickly becomes clear that they have a true love for Jesus Christ and a passion to show that love to you. With them I wasn't treated like a "sinner" or forced to believe anything, I was simply placed into an embracing environment and loved for who I was/am. Because of my experience with Rob & Colleen, my relationship with Christ was rekindled and I was shown His love like never before.

I encourage anyone to go to Camp 33. Look at it this way:
Best case, you have a life changing weekend full of fun and see/feel the love of Jesus Christ.
Worst case, you get a free trip in the mountains with some really nice people.


No judgment, just love

Sober fun is not an oxymoron

The Camp 33 journey begins near Lake Arrowhead California

Friday night thru Sunday

Please contact us if you have questions!