You are invited!

Come camp with us for the weekend

Corona Virus

Your health and safety matter greatly to us! We are getting a late start, but August dates are on the calendar. All camps may or may not be limited to 10 people per county guidelines. We will take all possible, sensible, and reasonable cautions throughout the weekend, but obviously cannot guarantee anything other than we will do our best to keep everyone safe. If you are interested in Camp 33, please sign up and we will keep you posted on the status of the weekend you choose. All campers and volunteers must be symptom-free to participate.


If it is true, as we believe it is, that we are all made in the image of God, then there is no room for racism, and love should abound. If it is true that none of us are perfect, as we believe, then try as we might, we are all gonna be stupid on occasion. If you decide to sign up for Camp 33 you must all agree to leave racism at home for the weekend. Being loved, and experiencing PLUR, (Peace Love Unity & Respect) are our core values and we intend to live those values to the best of our imperfect ability. Everyone is welcome here.

Wanna Talk? Have Questions?

If you need someone to talk to, for any reason, go to and
you can call one of the moms from there. No judgment, just love.

Camp 33

Is a family style spiritual adventure

Is not a commercialized business

Is based on PLUR Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

Is seriously a LOT of FUN!

Is An epic off-road journey
from the mountains
to the desert

Is A lot of fun

An epic off road journey
from the mountains
to the desert

ALL ravers are welcome at Camp 33... ALL

Camp 33

No judgment, just love

Sober fun is not an oxymoron

The Camp 33 journey begins near Lake Arrowhead California

Friday night thru Sunday

Please contact us if you have questions!